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    • 22 July 2017
      Ladies, Gentlemen and all the people who play on diversity 
      every weekend I (Pyrotechnik) will be hosting a event either build battle or a mini game weekend!
      every other weekend I will host a build competition to participate you will have to join at least 3 days before the event. There is no admission and anyone can join the theme will be picked at the end of the previous event and will be posted in various locations. ( including my shop #904)
      Builds will be judged based on which build fits the theme has the best appearance
      REWARDS (If the votes add up to be a tie the reward will be split)
      1st place will receive 128 💎                                                                                          
      2nd will receive 64 💎                                                                                                         
      3rd place will receive 32 💎 
      4th place will receive 16 💎 
      You will be given a 32x32 plot in the location of your choice within the area of the comp and biome (has to be near the build comp and in the same biome) your area must be picked 3 days before and the person running the build comp (AKA me ) must be informed. 
      You will be given 2 days starting from 8:00am on the Saturday of that weekend to 8:00pm on the Sunday 
      WARNING:the area the comp is happening will be monitored on manny levels anyone caught pre building will be disqualified 
      anyone caught grieving or tampering with others plots will be disqualified( or kicked cause you were greifing) 
      on the weekends there isn't build competitions I will host a mini game weekend which will include a pvp tournament in the pvp area, hide and seek and many other mini games as they are picked.
      there will be no reward accept for the pvp tournament 
      The first place pvper will receive 32 💎 
    • 01 August 2017
      Guesssssss Whatttttt! It's Pob's Birthday!
    • 02 August 2017
      My birthday!!!
    • 12 August 2017
      I may be turning 17, I may be turning 98. Who knows  But I bet there will be an amazing party <3
    • 08 September 2017
      Its My Birthday wish me

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