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    • What is it? This datapack adds every mob head imaginable to the world. Meaning you can have a sheep head, villager head etc. Any head you can think of becomes available to collect simply by killing the mob. Why should it be added? Personally, I think it should be added as adds a lot more creativity and opportunities to the game. You can do whatever you please with them and if you don't like them, don't use em.  It could add a whole new market to Diversity. People already collect player heads so its just another thing to collect, but is also a fresh idea at the same time. The drop rates are editable thus amplifying this idea of a market for them. Overall, they are just cool to have, who doesn't want more head options for their builds, decoration whatever? 'It's just another thing to wait for when the server is updating' While this is true, it is not needed, the game is completely playable without these heads and the author (xisumavoid) is an active member of the minecraft community meaning updates will be fairly quick but either way, without it, the game is not affected.   Links: (https://vanillatweaks.net/picker/datapacks/) (Youtube video above showing exactly what I am talking about and attempting (hopefully succeeding) to explain)   On the vanilla tweaks website, this datapack is under the 'mobs' section. Also on this site is a range of other datapacks which could enhance diversity for even more options and fun. However i'm only attempting to get the mob heads added. 
    • SMP Level Guide Level 1 Time required: None. To get level 1 you just need to agree to the rules Homes: 1 Claim blocks: 200 Kit: Starter (level 1 only), Gardener, Rescuekit Farm: WA_GuardFarm, GuardianFarm, Arachnophobia, KnightsFarm, BlazeFarm, Witherfarms, WitherWorks, Endermanfarm, Treefarm, StartFarm (level 1 to 4 only), SheepfarmNG, Sheepfarm, SkeletonFarmNG, SkeletonFarm, ZombieFarm1, CreeperFarm, Slimefarm, Ink_Farm, Record Farm, EggyFarm2.0, Drowned Level 2 Time required: 6 hours Homes: 2 Claim blocks: 1000 Kit: None Farm: None Level 3 Time required: 12 hours Homes: 3 Claim blocks: 2000 Kit: None Farm: BlazeFarm2, ZombieFarm1, Zore's_Farm, Bird_Machine Level 4 Time required: 1 day Homes: 4 Claim Blocks: 4000 Kit: None Farm: RMP Access to Vanilla Level 5 Time required: 2 days Homes: 5 Claim Blocks: 8000 Kit: None Farm: WoolWorks, Raid_Farm, Iron_Farm, GoldFarmNG, WitchFarm Ability to create shops at QI_Mall Level 6 Time required: 4 days Homes: 6 Claim Blocks: 16000 Kit: None Farm: None Access to /hat command Level 7 Time required: 6 days Homes: 7 Claim Blocks: 24000 Kit: Decoration Farm: Econopolis Access to Creative Ability to create shops at ShopDistrict. Level 8 Time required: 8 days Homes: 8 Claim blocks: 32000 Kit: Terraformer Farm: None Level 9 Time required: 12 days Homes: 9 Claim blocks: 48000 Kit: None Farm: None Level 10 Time required: 16 days Homes: 10 Claim blocks: 64000 Kit: None Farm: None Ability to /tps. Level 11 Time required: 20 days Homes: 11 Claim blocks: 80000 Kit: None Farm: None Level 12 Time required: 24 days Homes: 12 Claim blocks: 96000 Kit: None Farm: None Level 13 Time required: 28 days Homes: 13 Claim blocks: 112000 Kit: None Farm: None Level 14 Time required: 32 days Homes: 14 Claim blocks: 128000 Kit: None Farm: None Level 15 Time required: 36 days Homes: 15 Claim blocks: 144000 Kit: Enchanter Farm: None Level 16 Time required: 40 days Homes: 16 Claim blocks: 160000 Kit: None Farm: None Level 17 Time required: 44 days Homes: 17 Claim blocks: 176000 Kit: None Farm: None Level 18 Time required: 48 days Homes: 18 Claim blocks: 192000 Kit: None Farm: None Level 19 Time required: 52 days Homes: 19 Claim blocks: 208000 Kit: None Farm: None Level 20 Time required: 56 days Homes: 20 Claim blocks: 224000 Kit: None Farm: None Level 21 Time required: 64 days Homes: 21 Claim blocks: 224000 Kit: None Farm: None Level 22 Time required: 72 days Homes: 22 Claim blocks: 224000 Kit: None Farm: None Level 23 Time required: 80 days Homes: 23 Claim blocks: 224000 Kit: None Farm: None Level 24 Time required: 88 days Homes: 24 Claim blocks: 224000 Kit: None Farm: None Level 25 Time required: 96 days Homes: 25 Claim blocks: 224000 Kit: None Farm: None Level 26 Time required: 104 days Homes: 26 Claim blocks: 224000 Kit: None Farm: None Level 27 Time required: 112 days Homes: 27 Claim blocks: 224000 Kit: None Farm: None Level 28 Time required: 120 days Homes: 28 Claim blocks: 224000 Kit: None Farm: None Level 29 Time required: 128 days Homes: 29 Claim blocks: 224000 Kit: None Farm: None Level 30 Time required: 136 days Homes: Unlimited Claim blocks: 224000 Kit: None Farm: None
    • Thank you! He was very happy to hear this news. I have reminded him of your advice. I also recommended he contact you to make sure he's clear on what he needs to do. 
    • LittleThumb  unbanned. I really appreciate you taking the time to help LittleThumb. I understand that people make mistakes. I understand that young people can make mistakes. I really needed to talk to LittleThumb about following the rules. He's fine now. I enjoy his presence very much and it his absence has been felt. LittleThumb should be fine as long as he follows the rules more carefully. Ask questions if unsure. Ask questions before taking is the safest bet.  But yes it was mainly the taking and taking of "lapis" and the griefing of paths. No Spam. No Griefing/stealing.   Be nice to others. Looking forward to seeing LittleThumb again.
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